Monday, February 20, 2006

Frank Versteegh

Frank Versteegh belongs to the top 5 aerobatic display pilots in the World. He started his flying career more than 30 years ago. Frank has been the Unlimited Aerobatic Champion for many years. He actively competed in Worldwide and European championships from 1982 till 1994.

He flew more than 1250 aerobatic displays at the World's major aviation events in all five continents. Frank is one of the selected pilots for the Red Bull Airrace and he participated in World's 1st Red Bull Air Race in Budapest and was 4th.
He has flown over 160 different types of aircraft, is holder of an unlimited display authorisation, multi engine-, helicopter and seaplane rating. Frank is airshow organiser, flight safety committee member, FAI judge, and still active in Free-style aerobatic competitions.
When Frank is not flying he is a key note speaker at seminars and co-producing aviation related TV-programs.